Kautec Solutions performs the installation of new control technologies in existing machinery:

  • Change of PLC with the most current programs together with a desk equipped with touch screen monitors getting all the necessary parameters in the system can be revoked at any time.
  • Implementation of diagnostic software allowing the entire system to be connected to our TELESERVICE point.
  • Process optimizations
  • Installation of Scada + production program in existing machinery.
  • Modernizations of electrical systems.


We use our experience and capacity in the modernization of existing extrusion lines:

  • Replacement of obsolete parts of existing presses using components and design of the most modern technology that is currently being used in the new Kautec presses.
  • Modernization of hydraulic systems through the installation of new hydraulic cylinders, new pumps and new blocks.
  • Update of hydraulic parts to reduce the dead time of the extrusion cycles.
  • Transformation of presses of rear load to front loading allowing an increase of the maximum length of the ingot and increasing the productivity of the press.
  • Modernization of ingot ovens to increase their productivity or performance improvement.
  • Change of traction system in the pullers to reduce their dead time.