Cooling table

KAUTEC offers a complete cooling system. This system, which is placed immediately at the press outlet and quickly cools the profile that leaves more than 500 º C at room temperature in a stretch of a few meters.

Many extruded aluminum alloys require high cooling rates for metallurgical reasons, which can not be achieved with traditional systems. Because the temperature of the sections in the press outlet is essentially lower than the homogenization temperature, cooling should be started as soon as possible. The KAUTEC cooling system differentiates the intensity on the four sides of the profile, which allows the balance of the refrigeration with respect to the distribution of the transverse mass of the extruded profile.

The cooling table consists of two sections, one upper and one lower with openings for cooling air and nozzles for spraying water. The differentiated distribution of air and water flow is obtained through the special modulation valves, while the use of complementary nozzles allows an adjustment of the water flow. In the lower part is integrated a path of free rollers protected with covers of special textile material resistant to temperatures of 600ºC.

The correct choice of cooling system to install depends on the capacity and specific production conditions. There are three types of systems:

  • Only air
  • Air and water
  • Water through the system "standing wave"
  • Air cooling table
  • Air-water cooling table