New project of Kautec in Russia


New revamping permormed in Russia

The Russian company SEGAL has published the news of the successful implementation by Kautec of the hydraulic revamping in its P2500MT extrusion line, reducing the press dead time from 48 to 19 seconds.


“Continue on the course for production modernization”

“Previous 2018 year, the Casting-Extrusion Plant “Segal” Ltd carried out challenging tasks to put into operation new equipment and modernize existing extrusion line. Along with this, the plant continues the next stage of technical development. Gennady Burunov, Chief Engineer of the Casting-Extrusion Plant “Segal” Ltd, tells about what was done in the first quarter of this year.”


“This year, we continue to implement the modernization plan launched last year. So, we continued to work on the 2500 TN press, where a new exit line was previously installed. This year, the hydraulic drive was upgraded. Last year, the best commercial offer from the Spanish company Kautec was worked out, and in March we began to implement this project. At the moment, all work has been done, and the extrusion line is in good working condition.”

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