Kautec Solutions Acquires the Tecalex Brand and Knowhow


Kautec Solutions Acquires the Tecalex Brand and Knowhow

Kautec Solutions, headquartered in Catalunya, Spain, acquired the brand and knowhow of the former Tecalex Group.

Founded in 1965 as an extrusion die manufacturer in Barcelona, Spain, Tecalex later expanded to include a range of extrusion equipment, including press feeding, front-loading presses, quenching and air cooling systems, pullers, stretchers, profile handling, heat treatment, plant control and logistics systems, and auxiliary equipment. In September 2018, the company was purchased by Bassfield and began operating under the name Tecalex-Bassfield.

Kautec Solutions is a leading manufacturer of aluminum extrusion technologies, with more then 50 years serving the industry. The company’s core business is the production of complete extrusion lines, from the upstream (billet preparation area) through to the extrusion press and handling and packing lines, as well as automatic logistic areas.

“As Kautec, we have developed several technologies that have distinguished ourselves in the market and have given us the possibility to create a long-term relation with our old and existing clients,” noted Kautec in their announcement. “Over the years, we have developed a service structure that allows us to quickly respond to our customer’s needs; Kautec is nowadays one of the few companies in the sector who has active a 24/7 remote service to support our customers.”

As a major player in the aluminum extrusion industry, Kautec’s decision to acquire the brand and knowhow of the former Tecalex in March 2022 was a strategic decision. The purchase enables Kautec to obtain the entire knowledge base of Tecalex. In addition, the acquisition makes Kautec the only extrusion equipment manufacturer officially authorized to manufacture spare parts and components originally produced by Tecalex. In this way, the company aims to continue providing service and assistance to former customers of Tecalex.

Furthermore, Kautec has also welcomed former Tecalex engineers into its business, supporting its continuous development.